2016 March Minutes

Present: Cllrs. Miss Bransfield (Chairman), D Hayfield, J Inchley and Mrs. Osborne.

Also Present: Cllrs Crow-Brown & Gregory (TDC) Latchford (KCC) and Roy Wade (Clerk)

Apologies for absence: Cllr. Hall, T Gander and C Raisbeck.

62.          MINUTES

RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting held on 12th January 2016 be approved and signed by the Chairman.


Cllrs Bransfield and Hayfield declared an interest in the tree at Orchard Cottage.


The Chairman reported that Warden Tony Gander had now returned to light duties after illness.  PCSO Craig Raisbury indicated that there had been no reports of Crime in Acol, but they are aware of fly tipping, speeding and poaching.  He hopes to be able to address these issues now Tony Gander is back.

65.          CHAIRMAN’S REPORT

The Chairman reported upon

i)        Planning – TDC had still not responded in respect of the land adjoining St. Mildred’s Church and the Planning Inspectorate  will not comment on the position of the new owners;  in respect of the Crown and Sceptre there was no further information to report upon.  Manston Airport is being discussed between Riveroak and government.

ii)       Cummins Development – it appears that Cummins may be relocating to China but the existing premises would be retained as an assembly plant.

iii)     Horse Chestnut Tree – 30 feet have been removed from the top.

iv)     Thanet Area Committee – the Chairman and Cllr. Mrs. Osborne reported on the meeting and the address made by Hillary Newport of CPRE and representations made by Cllr. Susan Taylor of Minster Parish Council in respect of an on-line petition to give to local councils the right to appeal against planning decisions.  The Area Committee supported the initiative reported upon by Cllr. Mrs. Taylor.

v)      Southern Water Authority – they say it was intended that waste from 21 properties at Manston Industrial Estate would come through Acol, although it was supposed to have been directed to the Minster Treatment Works.  They were not aware of the recent additional developments.  UK Power said there had been no recurrence of the problems and they will leave in abeyance to see what happens.  To date no compensation had been paid.

vi)     EU Referendum – The Chairman stressed the importance of registering for the vote.

vii)   Bank Signatories – Finally this matter had been sorted out.

viii)  Sport Relief – two village schoolgirls (Carla and Tilly who helped with the Christmas tree) raised £60 from village users for a 12-mile 3-legged charity walk.


Cllr. Hayfield reported that he and the Clerk had met a representative from Sunstone Systems to discuss the provision of CCTV coverage within the Village.  The cost of providing 2 bullet cameras together with a monitoring package was £4325.00 and Members noted that Cllr. Latchford had kindly agreed to make available £2,000 from his Member’s fund.

RESOLVED:  That the quotation from Sunstone Systems in the sum of £4325.00 be approved and Cllr. Latchford be thanked for his kind support to the Village.

67.          CLERK’S REPORT

The Clerk had no further matter to report.


RESOLVED: That the following payments be made:

                Cheque No         Payee                                                   Amount

                544                         HMRC – PAYE                                    £110.00

                545                         Birchington PCC – Rent                   200.00

ii)            Annual Audit

The Clerk reported that he was preparing the financial records for the internal audit by Mr. Eric Fewkes and that it would be necessary to hold a special meeting of the Parish Council to approve the figures at 31 March 2016.


Cllr Latchford                     The KCC budget would increase by 1.99% plus 2% to cover the cost of care for the elderly.  KCC member grants had been reduced to £20k for each member.  In respect of the County budget for entertainments the majority of it is spent on the Turner Gallery.  There had been a proposal to introduce an admission charge of £1 but this had been rejected by Members

Cllr Crow-Brown              TDC were to build 58 houses on former garage sites and this was to be funded by a Government grant.  A peer review undertaken by councillors from the south east of England had been carried out and TDC had been congratulated on what had been achieved.

70.          MEMBERS’ REPORTS

Cllr.  Mrs. Obsorne          Was having problems encouraging volunteers to uphold the speed watch initiative

Cllr. Hayfield                     The work to re-fence the play area within the Recreation Ground will be carried out once the ground had dried out.