2016 July Minutes

Draft Minutes of the Acol Parish Council meeting held on Monday 4th July 2016
at 2.00pm in the Village Hall, Acol.

Present:               Cllrs. Miss Bransfield (Chairman), B Hall, D Hayfield, J Inchley and Mrs Osborne.

Also Present:     Cllrs Crow-Brown & Gregory (TDC), PCSO Raisbeck, A. Kluibenschadl (KCC Community Warden) and Roy Wade (Clerk)

Apologies for absence:     Cllr. Latchford (KCC) and T Gander.

RESOLVED: That the minutes of the Parish Assembly & Annual General meetings held on 10th May 2016 be approved and signed by the Chairman.

No declarations of interest were made.

PCSO Raisbeck reported that there had been no reports of Crime in Acol since the last meeting. There had been a road traffic incident on 19 June and the parties to this incident had been interviewed.

Members were also advised that there had been a disturbance outside the Village Hall; one of the parties had been spoken to and the owner of the vehicle traced.

Council were advised that Tony Gander was on sick leave and that his absence would be covered by Community Warden Sean Riches

Aaron Kluibenschadl reported that he was new to the area and had no matters to report but he made reference to the KCC initiative encouraging all parish council to draft a community emergency plan.

Council was advised that the provision of the web site in future would incur an annual cost of £240. The Chairman stressed the importance of having a modern and up to date web site and thought the Council should enter into an appropriate agreement.

RESOLVED: That the Parish Council approve the annual cost of £240 which would include site maintenance and e mail forwarding.

The Chairman reported upon:
(i)    Drain repairs,

(ii)   Refusal of Planning application for Forge Cottage;  Parish Council was not advised and a letter has been sent to TDC Planning to point out their omission and the anomalies in their submission,

(iii)   The loss of our Mobile Library.

Council considered the comments of the Chairman on highway matters and noted that Manston Parish Council had been allowed to purchase their own street signs.

RESOLVED:  That (A) having considered the views of the Chairman, Paul Valek, Thanet Manager (Kent Highways) be invited to attend the September meeting of Council to receive Members’ concerns on the inappropriate vehicles using Crispe Road, Plumstone Road and Margate Hill;  speeding vehicles in The Street and the number of accidents caused;  and (B) The Clerk investigates the costs of purchasing street signs and the procedures involved in erecting them.

Councillor Hayfield reported that the new fencing around the play area had been erected and that each panel had been marked “APC” for Acol Parish Council.  The weeds had been cleared by Serco and he was pleased to note that his recent inspection had revealed that there was no dog mess. However he advised Members of his concern at the parking of vehicles on the access road to the Recreation Ground.

The Clerk reported that the new fencing had been added to the Council’s insurance policy (Zurich) and that there would be no increase in the premium for this year and that in 2017 the increase charge would only be £11.32.

The Clerk reported that he had written to two residents asking If they would cut back vegetation which was obstructing the highway/footpaths and that he would keep members advised.

(i)     KCC Grant – The Clerk reported that Cllr. Latchford (KCC) had kindly approved a grant to Acol towards the cost of installing the CCTV system.

(ii)     Payments – There were no payments due for payment and Council noted that the bank balance at 1 July was £11,454.

The Chairman reported that as a result of the recent storm there was a disruption to the electricity supply and this had caused a failure in the pumping station in Crispe Road.  Members were further advised that this continuing problem had been referred to Sir roger Gale M.P. who had written to SWA and had been promised a reply by 8th July;  Members would be kept advised.

Cllr. Gregory advised that the mechanisms controlling the pumping station needed to be adjusted so that it would reboot itself after such failure.

Cllr Latchford submitted a report:

He had spoken as a Member of the Select Committee on Grammar Schools, at a KCC Cabinet meeting, aiming to identify opportunities for disadvantaged children to gain a Grammar School education.  13 recommendations were highlighted, which will go to Full Council in July.

KCC is leading on a number of initiatives in trying to reduce the number of deaths on the road and he recently attended the opening of the Kent Fire and Rescue Centre in Rochester who have built an outstanding educational road safety centre for youth and indeed all ages on the perils of drink, drugs, mobile phones and speeding, which he considers is quite excellent.

More money has become available for pot-hole repairs and the KCC Highways manager has been allocated a budget to ensure the work is done quickly and with quality control system in place.  He asked for a list of any required repairs, via our Parish Clerk.

He met with the new Police and Crime Commissioner and asked for an update on the alleged electoral fraud in South Thanet.

He identified available revenues that appear to leave £2.4M set aside in earmarked reserves for future years’ budgets.

He asked for an update on the CCTV project.

Cllr Gregory
(i)    CCTV had been installed in Monkton and helped identifying a person fly tipping and a road traffic incident,

(ii)   The draft local plan would be published in September and traffic proposals for Shottendane Road and Brook’s End would be included within it; and

(iii)   KCC were about to publish details of proposals to change the electoral arrangements.

Cllr Crow-Brown
(i)     Made reference to the local plan and the inclusion within it of the development of 2500 houses at Manston;  and

(ii)   Local tax support – consultations would be taking place on the future of it.

Cllr  Mrs Obsorne
The Speed watch organiser has resigned and a meeting with Chief Inspector had been arranged and Members would be kept informed.

There were no other matters to report.

The next meeting was confirmed as 2pm Monday 5 September 2016.

Time concluded:  4.00 p.m.