2015 November Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Meeting of the Council held at the Village Hall,
Acol on Tuesday 3rd November 2015 at 3.00p.m.

Present:           Councillors Miss S. Bransfield (Chairman), D. Hayfield and Mrs. I. Osborne

Also present:   Wade (Clerk to the Council).

There were no residents or members of the public in attendance.

Apologies for absence were received from Sir Roger Gale M.P., Councillors D Crow-Brown (TDC), Cllrs B. Hall and J. Inchley, B Grove (TDC) and R. Latchford (KCC), and PCSO Craig Raisbury.

41.       MINUTES
RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd September 2015 be approved and signed by the Chairman.

No declarations of interest were made.

No officers were in attendance to report.

The Chairman reported upon the following:
Playground Fence
Thanks to Mike Baldery and his friend, Phil, for producing new fence panel supports and offers of help.  Thanks also to Einar Willett for agreeing to store the new fence panels in his barn until needed.
EU Referendum
Notices have been received as reminders for people to register to vote in the Referendum.  These will be displayed on the notice boards and left in the hall.
This is not an Agenda item, as there are no applications for Acol, but:
Cummins Generators, technically not in Acol, have submitted a planning application for another extension.  Parish Council has sent their observations:  its closeness to the water aquifer;  Southern Water have said any "new development" will require a new pumping station;  TDC reminded that "new development" should contribute to the cost of infrastructure improvements, as in their Local Plan;  TDC reminded that the extension to Columbus Avenue is now in their new Draft Local Plan.
Southern Water
They were apprised of our above comments.
Sir Roger Gale MP could see no advantage of meeting with them as we all know what is wrong and that a new pumping station is required to cope with the Manston Industrial Estate.  Jon Jeffries will "refer it back to the Operational Team".  He rang the Chairman again on 23 October to explain he was waiting for Engineers to report the results of flow tests and will ring again on 4 November.
We can still refer this problem to OfWat is Southern Water does nothing.
Kent Highways
The Chairman reported the damaged sign at the top of Margate Hill, which is also not technically in Acol.
Also reported a collision on the night of 17/18 October.  One car was heard travelling North to South on The Street and then a bang.  The offender quickly disappeared but a resident's car's wing mirror was ripped off, despite having been wound in, and the side of the car scraped.  Highways were reminded of Acol's constant vehicle speeding and volume problems.
They were also reminded that a Columbus Avenue extension would alleviate this   problem, as well as the resultant air pollution and motorbike racing.
Kent Highways were asked to support Acol Parish Council in promoting the new road extension, although no response has yet been received.
Thanet Local Plan
There is no update yet.  This will probably be published after Christmas.
Kent Highways SurveyMembers present agreed that the Chairman shall complete the Survey.

45.       CLERK’S REPORT
The Clerk reported upon
(i)            Installation of CCTV – Members were advised of the probable costs of installing a CCTV unit    in the Village to assist in gathering information in respect of speeding vehicles, anti-social behaviour etc as follows
Cost of unit                  £100
Cost or recorder             500
Installation                    100.
It was agreed to consider this matter further when the budget for 2016/17 is set in January 2016.
(ii)           TDC – Strategic Housing Meeting- It was agreed that Cllr. Hayfield and the Clerk would represent the Parish Council at the meeting to be held on 12th November 2015 in the TDC Council offices.

(a) RESOLVED: That the following payment be approved and payment made
Cheque No     Payee and details                                          Amount
535                  Recreation Ground – grass cut                      £64.94
536                  H.M.R.C. PAYE                                           110.00
537                  R Wade – ¼ salary                                       440.00
(b) Audit of Accounts – The Parish Council’s accounts 2014/5 had been written off without comment by the District Auditor and posted on the Village notice board.

Councillor Hayfield reported that the new fencing had now been delivered and will be   stored in Einar Willett’s barn until it was erected in the Spring of 2016 as the ground was too wet to work on now.  Members were also reminded that Einar had kindly offered to strengthen the wooden supports with steel plates and to burn on to the woodwork “Acol Parish Council”.
Various Villagers had kindly agreed to help in the installation of the fencing and Cllr Hayfield had discussed and received assurances that RAF Manston would allocate personnel to assist in this work as a community project.

No members were in attendance to report.

Cllr. Mrs. Osborne that (i) she was disappointed at the lack of response to the re-formation of a Village Neighbourhood Watch. (ii) TRRG the next meeting would be held on 1 December and Hillary Newport of CPRE would be addressing the meeting; and (iii) Thanet Area Committee the next meeting would be attended by officers of Kent Fire and Rescue who would outline the measures that would be put into place if Operation Stack is introduced to the Thanet area.

Time concluded: 2.50 p.m.