2015 July Minutes

Present:            Councillors Miss S Bransfield (Chairman), B Hall, D Hayfield, J Inchley and Mrs I Osborne

Also Present: Cllrs Gregory and Grove (TDC) and 4 residents from Crispe Road.


Apologies were received from Cllrs Latchford (KCC), Crow-Brown (TDC) Community Warden Tony Gander, PCSO Craig Raisbury.

13.            MINUTES

RESOLVED: That the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 20th May 2015 be approved and signed by the Chairman.


No declarations were made.


Messrs. Alan Yarnell (Field Performance Manager – Operations), Nick Davies (Infrastructure Plan Manager) and Terry Cable (Field Performance Manager – MEICA) from Southern Water attended Council and gave explanations of the ongoing problems and failures to the pumping station in Crispe Road, which often resulted in overspill of the system and the discharge of foul sewage.  They made reference to the efforts of Sir Roger Gale MP to resolve these issues and their plans for the future.  The basic problem was the frequent breakage of the power supply (blips) to the station and the failure of their monitoring equipment to detect when the power supply was interrupted.  Council and residents were advised to always phone when blips occurred to ensure that Southern Water were aware of the problem.

In response to the Chairman, they asked if they could have a copy of the list she had made of the dates of the electricity supply outages, to include blips, and suggested that the problems may be in part due to UK Power with whom they would have discussions.  The meeting was also advised that the pumping station was of an adequate design to meet the needs of the Village and that the development at the Manston Industrial site did not impact on the pumping station's effectiveness.  It appeared that the only problem was one of the power supply to the station and this would be discussed with UK Power.  The Chairman asked, in the unlikely event that the Manston airport site be residentially developed, would the sewage output be pumped via  the Acol station and she was assured that this would not be so.  Furthermore, any development on that site would need to be supported by its own sewage and water supply network.

Finally the Chairman undertook to write to UK Power setting out the details of the failures to the power supply and to copy this to Southern Water and Southern Water undertook to keep the Parish Council aware of their ongoing investigations into the problems at the pumping station.

The Chairman thanked the representatives of Southern Water for attending and setting out the problems and the measures being looked into to avoid future flooding of the area due to the failure of the pumping station.


No officers were in attendance to report, due to being committed to assist with Operation Stack.

17.            CHAIRMAN’S REPORT

The Chairman reported as follows:

(i) Crown and Sceptre P.H. –  the Secretary of State was not prepared to List the Crown and Sceptre P.H.  The inside of the building had been ripped out when British Heritage carried out its survey and this probably contributed to their decision.  The Chairman has reinstated the complaint of maladministration by Thanet District Council, concerning the Planning Application, with the new Council and Parish Council would be kept advised; and, (ii) Manston Airport Site – TDC had been advised of the Parish Council’s concerns that they had not been formally consulted on the development proposals

18.            CLERK’S REPORT

The Clerk tabled a letter from Victim Support outlining their role in helping victims of crime in the community and asking for financial support for this financial year 2015/16.

RESOLVED: That in view of other commitments on the Parish Council’s reserves no contribution be made at this time to this excellent service.


The Clerk reported upon the following applications:

TH/15/0457 – Building 870 Manston Airport – change of use from airport use to general industrial use with 4 storey extension and insertion of windows.

TH/15/0458 – Building 4 Manston Airport – Change of use from airport use to general industrial use.

TH/15/0459 – Manston Airport Cargo Centre and Responding Vehicle Point – Change of use from airport use to storage and distribution use.

TH/15/0460 – T G Aviation, Manston Airport – Change of use from airport use to general industrial for a temporary period of 3 years.

The Chairman reported her concerns that, although the application sites were not within the Acol Parish area, they were closer to Acol and would have  more impact upon our residents than on residents in adjoining parishes and,  accordingly, copies of the applications should have been sent to Acol P.C.  TDC Planning Department have agreed to comply with this request in future.

RESOLVED: That the action and correspondence sent by the Chairman be ratified.


The Clerk reported on the bank balances which stood in the figure of             £10,903.00

Members were also advised on demands for payment and it was:

RESOLVED: That payments be made to:

Cheque No         Payee & Details                                          Amount

525                 Birchington PCC – Rent on Village Hall            £  50.00

526                 Zurich Insurance                                            £299.29


Cllr Gregory:  (i) Manston Airport – the future of Manston and the question of TDC making a C.P.O. would be discussed by the District Council’s Cabinet on 14 July 2015;  and (ii) Power Supply to Acol and the Villages – the problems of the power supply to these areas were explained and he would work with Cllr Grove to secure improvements to the supply service.

Cllr Grove had no further matters to report upon.


Cllr Hall – The Recreation Ground – litter was being removed and he would help with the replacement of the fencing.  The Clerk was asked to get quotations for the purchase of the materials needed to undertake this work.

Cllr Hayfield  – explained that the replacement of the Recreation Ground fencing would be a fairly simple task.

Cllr Inchley – K.I.A.C.C. would be holding a meeting and the former leader of TDC, Cllr Mrs. Johnston had been invited to attend.

Cllr Mrs Osborne – (i) TRRG – more volunteers were needed for the Speedwatch Group;  (ii) the St Nicholas Parish Council had commented on the proposals to install wind turbines at Chislet;  and (iii) Neighbourhood Watch – 5 volunteers had been brought on board which would enable NW to renew its service.

Cllr Mrs Osborne was thanked for her all her hard work in ensuring the continuance of these services and the Thanet Area Committee.


It was agreed to hold meetings for 2015/6 as follows,

7pm – Wed  2 September

3pm – Tue   2 November

3pm – Tue 12 January 2016

Dates for the 2016 Parish Assembly and AGM will be decided nearer the time.

Meeting finished at 4.45pm.