2014 October Minutes

Draft Minutes of the Parish Meeting of Acol Parish Council held in the Village Hall
on Tuesday 20th October 2014 at 2.00pm

Present:         Councillors Miss Bransfield (Chairman), Inchley, Norris and Mrs Osborne.

Also Present:  Cllr Latchford (KCC), Tony Gander – Community Warden and Roy Wade (Clerk).


Apologies for absence were submitted from Cllrs. Fox, Linda Wright (TDC) and PCSOs England and Raisbeck.


Resolved:  that the minutes of the meeting held on 26th August 2014 be approved and signed by the Chairman.


No declarations of interest were made


The Chairman reported as follows:

(i)   The death of Mrs Iris Bedwell – The Chairman reported upon the recent death of Iris who was 93 and had been a resident of Acol for many years.
(ii)  Recreation Ground – The Chairman was still awaiting a quotation for the erection of a high gate to the recreation ground.
(iii) Southern Water – A response from Southern Water was still awaited.
(iv) Grant Funding for Paving in front of the Village Hall – The Chairman reported that a grant of £3000 had been received from KCC towards the cost of repaving the area in front of the Village Hall and Members expressed their appreciation to Cllr. Latchford for supporting the application.
(v)  Highways – The Chairman reported that another wall had been damaged in the Village and on the continuing problem of traffic. Brendan O’Shea of Walnut Tree Cottage addressed the Council on his perception of the traffic problems particularly in respect of the road outside his property. Brendan offered his services to the speed watch initiative and spoke to Cllr. Mrs. Osborne after the meeting.
(vi) Thanet Area Committee – The TAC had asked whether any Members were aware of any incidents of violent assault.


Tony Gander, the Community Warden, reported upon:

(i)   The growing problem of fly tipping particularly in Plumstone Road and Crispe Road and that signs had been erected and CCTV cameras were to be installed to combat this nuisance.
(ii)  Dumb Callers – in response to Cllr Mrs Osborne Tony said that he had stickers for display in properties to try to discourage dumb callers.
(iii) Hare Coursing – the number of reported incidents had decreased.
(iv) Trick or Treat – Age Concern had produced a leaflet to try to discourage elderly people being disturbed and copies were available for residents of Acol.
(v)  Community Warden Service – Consultation Document – Members discussed the document and noted KCC’s proposal to reduce the number of community wardens in Kent from 79 to 40. Concern was expressed that as the intention in Thanet was for the number of wardens to be reduced from 6 to 3 this would be seriously detrimental to Thanet and particularly the villages and rural areas. In addition Members raised concerns over the continuing reduction in policing levels and the probability that crime would increase.
It was Agreed that Members would individually complete the consultation document and that the Clerk submit a return on behalf of the Parish Council.


The Clerk circulated a booklet from the Kent Association of Local Council on “Being a Local Councillor”. Members were reminded that the next elections were scheduled for May 2015.


The Clerk reported that this matter had not, as yet, been considered by the Cabinet of TDC and that a report would be made to Council in due course.


RESOLVED: That (A) payments be made as follows:

(i)   SERCO – Cheque no. 100502: Grass cut for October £64.94
Miss Bransfield – Cheque no. 100503: Chairman’s expenses; and 
Thanet Rural Regeneration Group – cheque no.100504: Annual subscription.
(ii)  The Parish Council’s bank balance at the 2014 in the sum of £14,017.24. be noted.
(iii)  Audit of Parish Council Financial Records – Members were advised that the District Auditor had signed off the Council’s accounts and made the comments that the level of balances should not exceed twice the level of the precept. The position would be reviewed further when the budgets for 2015/16 are considered.


(i)   Church Land in Plumstone Road – The Chairman reported that this land was now to be sold at auction.
(ii)  Crown and Sceptre P.H. – A detailed reply was awaited from TDC.
(iii)  Lagny, Plumstone Road – No objection as the development would improve the appearance of the site.
(iv)  Street Farm House, The Street – No objection to the construction of a side extension.


(i)   Transformation Process – Central Government had cut £90m from KCC grants and this would impact of the transformation process initiative. KCC were still meeting to identify where the savings would come from.
(ii)   Being a Councillor – KCC had recently held a seminar on this subject and only 5 members of the public had attended.
(iii)  Community Warden Service – Consultation Document – Pleased to note that the Parish Council were going to respond to the document (See minute 38 (vi) above; and
(iv)  Traffic Problems – Cllr Latchford said he was unable to advise on the solution to the traffic problems in the Village. Manston and Minster had identified their problems and he had been able to help.
(v)   The Thanet Way – No solution had yet been found to the continuing problems of the street lights being left on.
(vi)   Grant for work to front of Village Hall. – Members were asked if he could have photos of the front of the Village Hall before and after the paving works had been completed.


(i)   Cllr Mrs Osborne – No matter for report.
(ii)  Cllr Inchley – No matter for report.
(iii) Cllr Norris – advised Members that he the mechanical sweeper had been in the Village on 13 October and he asked where the bus shelter had been sited. Members were not able to advise.
(iv) Cllr Fox – No matter for report as he was absent from the meeting.


Dates for the next meeting were agreed for the 12th January at 2pm and 27 April 2015 at 6p.m. for the Parish Assembly meeting.

Time concluded 15.25pm