2014 August Minutes

Draft Minutes of the Parish Meeting of Acol Parish Council held in the Village Hall on

Tuesday 26th August 2014 at 2.00pm


Present:            Councillors Miss Bransfield (Chairman), Fox, Inchley, Norris and Mrs Osborne.

Also Present:          Cllr Latchford (KCC), PCSO Craig Raisbeck, Community Warden Tony Gander and Roy Wade (Clerk).


No apologies for absence were submitted.

24.            MINUTES

Resolved:  that the minutes of the meeting held on 7th July 2014 be approved and signed by the Chairman.

25.            MEMBERS’ INTERESTS

No declarations of interest were made


The Chairman reported as follows:

(i)                 Recreation Ground – Following discussions with Sam Hodgson, who had been instrumental in acquiring the lease of the land from Quex Estates, he agreed to continue to inspect and report upon the condition of the Recreation Ground in conjunction with Norman Chidwick.  Mr Chidwick has declined to accept remuneration.

(ii)               Dog Fouling – An incident of dog fouling had been reported and an article would be placed in the Village Voice reminding resident dog owners to clear up as appropriate.

(iii)             Southern Water – The sewer pump had failed again during a minor power failure, which was eventually attended to by Southern Water.   Sir Roger Gale MP had been updated on the situation and has written to the CEO of Southern Water for a solution to this on-going problem.

(iv)             Notice Board – TDC had supplied a notice board that would be refurbished and sited at the Recreation Ground. Members’ contact details would be displayed on the board and Cllr Norris asked that his contact details be via the Clerk.

(v)               Complaints of Nuisance from motorbikes – The Chairman reported upon the continuing problem, which has been referred to the Thanet Safety Board via a letter sent to the Police Headquarters. PCSO Craig Raisbeck reported that he was aware of the problem and that an application was being made to the Magistrates Court to seek a “Dispersal Area Order” and if granted this would give greater powers to deal with this problem.

(vi)             Neighbourhood Watch – Council was advised that an approach had been made asking the Parish Council to reform a Neighbourhood Watch Team, Tony Gander outlined the duties and Cllr Mrs. Osborne indicated that she would consider the matter.


            The PCSO and Community Warden reported upon:

(i)                 The problem of motor bikes see minute 26(iv) above)

(ii)               The continuing problem of fly tipping and an application being made to install a CCTV camera within the Village to help deal with this problem.

(iii)             Burglaries in neighbouring villages, especially to garden sheds, and the advice to ensure that sheds etc are locked.

(iv)              Speed checks will again be undertaken in the near future.

(v)                “Message in a bottle” scheme was being established to help identify health issues and medications in the event of emergencies.


RESOLVED: That a donation of £50 be made to the KAAS to support its excellent service to the public.


Council noted that TDC had reviewed election premises and that in Acol the Village Hall would continue to be used. Cllr. Mrs. Osborne advised Members that TDC had contacted the Village Hall Management Committee on this matter.


            RESOLVED: That (A) payments be made as follows:

(i)                 R Wade Cheque no. 100498: salary (1/4) £400 plus expenses of £39.98,

Cheque no. 100499; donation to Kent Air Ambulance Service of £50.00, and

(ii)               The Parish Council’s bank balance at the 1st August 2014 in the sum of £8706.03 be noted.

(B) KCC Member Grant Scheme – Members discussed various schemes for which KCC grant assistance could be sought. It was agreed to seek approval to pave the area in front of the Village Hall and Cllr Mrs Osborne advised that she was seeking quotations for this work. Cllr. Latchford kindly advised Council that subject to approval of the scheme he could probably approve a grant of £3000 towards the costs. Cllr. Latchford also advised that grants could be obtained towards the costs of providing a bus shelter but problems may arise if the shelter was to be sited on private land.

RESOLVED: That the Council work up a scheme for the paving of the area in front of the Village Hall and an application of KCC grant assistance be made.


(i)                 Cllr. Inchley and the Chairman reported that a revised planning application had been made in respect of the conversion and development of the former Crown and Sceptre Public House. The Chairman also reported that she had been made aware that a person was prepared to purchase the property and restore it to a pub but that these were not grounds upon which the Parish Council could object to the application.

RESOLVED: That TDC be advised that the revised application should be refused as it constitutes over development of the site and the property does not lend itself to a change of use to a residential property.

(ii)               Church Land in Plumstone Road – No details of the planning appeal had been received and yet the Parish Council has now been advised that the Appeal had been allowed. Sir Roger Gale M.P. has been advised of the situation and the Council’s concern and had raised the matter with Eric Pickles M.P.


(i)                 Transformation Process – Central Government had cut £95m from KCC grants and this would impact upon the transformation process initiative.

(ii)               Day-Time Meetings – Members were advised that Cllr. Latchford is not always available to attend day-time meetings.

(iii)             Columbus Avenue (Problems with motorbikes) – Council was reminded this was not a KCC matter but an issue that Kent Police should deal with; and

(iv)             Interactive Speed Signs – Two signs had been erected in Manston and consideration could be given to erecting a sign at the Acol Hill entrance to the Village.  The Chairman referred to the Parish Council’s “Wish List” of 2009 that was sent to Cllr Latchford in 2013 and would be resent.

33.            REPORT OF MEMBERS

(i)                 Cllr Mrs Osborne – No matter for report.

(ii)               Cllr Inchley – reported that KIACC would be holding a further meeting.

(iii)             Cllr Fox – advised Members that he was still pursuing ideas with Sir Roger Gale MP for the future of Manston and would report further.

(iv)             Cllr Norris – No matter for report.



Date for the next meeting was agreed for the 20th October 2014 at 2pm.

Time concluded 15.30pm


Following the conclusion of the Meeting Tony Burgess addressed Council on the need for the gate to the Recreation Ground to be opened and for a bar to be fitted above. The Chairman is to deal with.

Tony also complained that the parish council web site was not up to date and for a notice board to be erected at the Minster Road part of the Village. He also undertook to maintain the notice board with notices etc but did not agree to deal with any repairs to the board that could become necessary.  This was not agreed to.

It was also suggested by a member of the public that, due to current problems with the KCC website, the Council could consider introducing Facebook as a means of promoting the business of the Council.