2012 AGM Appendices



The worst thing about the last year was losing Cllr Mrs Elizabeth O’Reilly.

Thanet Earth

At last Annual Meeting, I reported attending a reception at Thanet Earth held by Gert van Straalen when I pointed out to him the inadequacy of their blinds and he assured me that he would discuss the light pollution problem with his suppliers.  No immediate improvement was noticed but pollution appears to have diminished quite considerably of late.  Monitoring of this will continue. 

China Gateway

TDC Planning Committee considered another planning application, submitted by CGI after 3 years expired since the original approval.  It was another fiasco.  The Chairman announced there were “no objections”.  Not so many people attended, probably due to reassurances from TDC that all previous documents, including objections, would be reviewed before the meeting.  Obviously they were not.  Once again, the decision was deferred until consultations have taken place with affected parties, which should have been done three years ago.  The project has been divided into 6 sections and only section 1 was being considered.  This was for a Showroom to be situated by the roundabout at the entrance to the site.


The Parish Council has finally been able to establish that there is no road sweeping schedule for Acol;  it will be carried out on demand.

To report fly tipping, dumped rubbish and dog fouling . call 01843 577777.


Thanet Rural Regeneration Group

As reported to the Parish Council through the year, the main project covered by the Group is the Speedwatch campaign.  Iris Osborne, the secretary and Speedwatch co-ordinator, will report later.

Thanet Area Parish Committee

The Area Committee was revived last year and is gradually coming together.  It was difficult to restore the interest after it had been allowed to fall by the wayside.  As the representative for the local Councils, I have been attending the Joint Transportation Board and discovered where Highways funding has been allocated by County Councillors.  Some money has been spent on Acol but nothing from our “Wish List” yet.  We will continue to campaign for traffic calming.

I have completed two surveys recently, about policing and street lighting.  There have been many documents published and meetings held concerning the Localism Bill, but as yet no one seems to understand it.

Kent Highways

As previously mentioned, Highways have provided Acol with a salt bin and salt will be delivered each winter.


Recreation Ground

Helen will be reporting later upon progress with renovations and I should like to thank her for her gargantuan efforts in organising teams of volunteers and arranging funding.  I should also like to record our thanks to Anthony and Angela Curwen at Quex Estates for their co-operation and encouragement.


Post Box

The Post Office recently renovated and repainted our post box and I should like to thank Mark from Granville House for pointing out to them that it needed attention.



There will be an election for a Police Commissioner on 15th November, which will occupy the village hall all day.



As usual, Acol depends upon the good nature of our team of volunteers who do so much to make this community what it is.

Bob Lawrence – Tree Warden, AHS.

Jon – KIACC, VHMC, Village Voice, Jubilee, Support Draw.

Helen – APEG, VHMC, Jubilee.

Iris – VHMC, TRRG, TAPC, Speedwatch, W.I.

Sam and Mary – Support Draw, VHMC.

David Hayfield – Fireworks, repairs, maintenance, Christmas tree and lights, ably aided and abetted by Brian and Norman.

Also Brian and Carol – Open Gardens, events.

Bill Yeoman – Hall floor, Beetle/Reindeer Drives, Quizes, etc.

Tony Burgess and others – Rec

Phyllis and Nancy – Retired from cleaning the hall for many years.

Einar Willett – help with machinery when required!

Adam – handyman

Brad from Crown & Sceptre and Len and Jan – co-operation with village organisations and help and support for the Jubilee event.

Charles Hibberd, Mike Roberts, Linda Wright – supporting us with District and County Council.


Village Reports

We are the smallest village in Thanet but possibly the busiest!  Lots of active organisations – sewing, quilting, art, dancing, horticultural, etc.

Annual reports have been received from Acol Horticultural Society, Acol Art Group, St Mildreds Church, Speedwatch, Support Group, W.I.





 Ladies and Gentlemen:

It gives me great pleasure to present the 2012 report from Acol Art Group.

The group continues to grow from strength to strength and membership now stands at 36 adults at the Thursday Group and 29 at the Wednesday Group.

The group has a reputation for being relaxed and friendly

The group now hire the village hall twice every week and quite often on weekends to hold workshops throughout the winter and for exhibitions.

Sadly, village exhibitions are also poorly supported by Acol residents, with only 8 visitors from the village during the last exhibition!

Acol Art Group Exhibitions are certainly not “Old Hat” and some of the finest work by any group in Kent is produced by the members, with many of them exhibiting throughout the county.

The Next Exhibition by the group at Acol will take place on May 12-13 in the village hall – you are all most welcome to come along. – IT’S FREE!

The Art group is also supporting and sponsoring the “Isle of Thanet Schools Art Competition” in association with The Round Table to promote and support local art – the only art group in the area to do this ever!

The Exhibition will take place at Westwood Cross during the May Bank Holiday Weekend. Members of AAG will be on hand to promote the group and steward the exhibition.

The group continues to be self supporting and non-profit making.

Mike Samson, Secretary.





This year has once again been one of growth and hope for our small village church in Plumstone Road.  Although only a small band of a dedicated few we have added to our congregation with a confirmation of one of our members last year.  We have filled the village hall with happy carols back in December which has now become an annual event and if it grows we will have ask the hall for an extension !!

The future of your Church in Acol does need your constant support. Although we are well aware that not all can be a people of faith we also feel we provide a real community building for the whole population of Acol.  If we are not to become another statistic I appeal to all those present to get behind us and indeed, all community projects, in the future.

May I, on a personal note, thank all those who work so tirelessly to keep our little village the vibrant, forward looking place that it always seems to be.  Thank you all.

Yours in Christ.       Jim Barber.




(Hard copy provided – will be added here later)





Our year began on an unfortunate note ~ heavy snow meant the cancellation of our Christmas partyHowever, this was carried over to our January meeting and a very enjoyable time was had by all.  A Film show of the history of Acol WI was the main entertainment.

Annual Council Meeting ~ March 2011 ~ a delegate and several members attended and we included a "baby" basket as our contribution to the basket project.

Annual Conference ~ Liverpool ~ June 2011 ~ it was not our turn to send a delegate but _,
Woodnesborough were unable to do so and the opportunity to attend as a delegate was passed to Acol and our President, Mary Hodgson, attended.

Resolutions ~ proposed Mega Farms and Closure of Public Libraries ~ both were supported.

It was our turn to visit our Link institute ~ Harvel WI.  Eight members travelled by coach and after a splendid lunch and entertainment, a walk round the beautiful village was undertakenWe were very lucky ~ the weather was warm and sunny ~ unusual for April ~ the next day it was cold and wet!!

It was decided to resurrect the Produce Show this year and we invited Cliftonville WI to join with us.  This was a good idea and the show proved to be a great successThe prizes were evenly spread between the two Institutes.

The weather in August was against us again!!  The planned garden party had to be held in the Village Hall as the heatwave of the previous day gave way to torrential rain on the day of the partyHowever, we were not deterred from having a very enjoyable afternoonWe had included a Bring And Buy sale and the left over items were the subject of an impromptu auction carried out by one of our members ~ she is now the resident auctioneer!!

We have managed to engage very interesting speakers throughout the year ~ of our six speakers we were pleased to have to pay for only three.

Neil Lawrence ~ History of  Acol Village
Jim Barber ~ Life as a reader

Jane Jarrett ~ History of the NHS

Paul Harris ~ Theatrical Landladies and Digs
Brian Doorne ~ Dover to Dungeness

Prue Anderton ~ My friend Sally and a Dream

Our need to fund raise during the year has been crucial ~ we have held a coffee morning at the
home of a member, a hot, two course lunch was provided for 60 people i
n the Village Hall, and the efforts with the "£5 Stretch It" also produced additional funding.

In conclusion the year is ending with a feeling of optimism for the continuation of Acol WI.  We have had a very successful year and hope the next one will be even better. _ _

Iris Osborne, Secretary