2009 Parish Assembly


Minutes of the meeting held on 27th April 2009
Present: Councillors Miss Sheila Bransfield (Chairman), J Inchley and Mrs. O’Reilly
Also Present: D/Cllr Roberts and R Wade (Clerk to the Council) and 5 members of the public
1            MINUTES
The minutes of the Parish Assembly Meeting held on 19th May 2008 were approved and signed by the Chairman.
Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Ms Shingleton and Hall.
No declarations of interest were made.
(A)            Village Organisations reports – The Chairman reported that she had received reports from all the Village Organisations and would read them to Council during the AGM meeting that follow this meeting.
(B)            Thanet’s Public Consultation Document – The Chairman reported that she had received this document and that it was available for any Member to read.
(C )            Report on Highway Matters – The Chairman reported she had prepared a 5 page document dealing with such issues as the Parish Council’s concerns over the PIPKIN process, the need to introduce a 20 m.p.h. speed limit within the Village, the need for 5 Village gateways to help control the speed and movement of traffic. Councillor Roberts indicated that he supported these concerns and would use his best offices to seek assistance for Acol.
(D)             The Chairman also reported upon i) the need for the white lining to be re-painted, ii) the impossibility of having street lights repaired, iii) that the grass verges had now been cut following representations from the Parish Council, v) that EDF would inspect all power cables and take whatever action may be necessary.
(E)              Funding – The Chairman expressed the appreciation of the Village to Cllrs. Hibberd and Roberts for the funding they had made available to allow for the village hall kitchen to be re-fitted and the undertaking of repairs to the children’s playground.
(F)               Speedwatch – now the winter is over the Chairman hopes that volunteers will again undertake Speedwatch in the village.
(G)              Website – this has been updated and a new Agreement signed for the current year. 
(H)             Village sign – this had been erected after the 2008 Annual Meeting and has now weathered over the winter. A preservative will soon be applied.
(I)                Telephone kiosk – there was alarm last year when BT announced the disposal of some red telephone kiosks, but ours was not among them. Discussions are ongoing to establish if the one in Acol is listed.
(J)                The Chairman thanked those residents in the village who had attended to trimming their hedges and trees that had overgrown and obstructed visibility or road signs.

      Questions were raised about the China Gateway development and possible future phases of this scheme and the Chairman and Councillor Roberts responded to this issue and expressed the view that because of the current financial position they were not even certain that phase 1 would go ahead let alone phases 2 and 3.

       There followed a discussion on the need for the improvement to the highway infrastructure particularly if the China Gateway development was to proceed and also on the links to the East Kent Access at the Prospect Roundabout, Minster.