2008 Parish Assembly Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Assembly Meeting held on 19 May 2008

Present: Councillors Miss Sheila Bransfield, B Hall, J Inchley, Mrs. O'Reilly and Ms Shingleton

Also Present: Councillors C Hibberd, Mike Roberts, PC Paul Jane, R Wade (Clerk to the Council) and two members of the public.


Minutes of the meeting held on 8th April 2008 were approved and signed by the Chairman.


None were received. 


No declarations were disclosed.


A)  Resignation of Miss Chesher Brazier – The Chairman reported on the resignation and the co-option of Mr. Brian Hall.

B)  Village Volunteers – The Chairman thanked the many individuals who donate much of their time providing events and entertainment for Acol villagers:  too many to mention and a list was provided.

C)  Speedwatch  – Speedwatch were looking for additional volunteers and that new equipment had been made available to them.

D)  Village Sign – The Chairman reported that restoration works to the sign had now been completed and would be erected later this week and paid tribute to Cllr Roberts for the funding he had made available to undertake this project. The Chairman reported that she would discuss with Village Sign Society the most appropriate way of marking this event.

E)  Village Voice – The Chairman congratulated the editor for his efforts in collating information and producing the newsletter for Acol residents.

F)  Wheelie Bins – Everyone in Acol has received their wheelie bins and, despite an initial problem experienced at Grosvenor Cottages, the scheme appears to be working well.

G)  Street Lights/Miscellaneous matters – Various problems were being dealt with, especially the light in Crispe Road and action was required to remove the vegetation obstructing the 30 mph sign in Acol Hill.

H)  David Stevens  – The Chairman's report ended with the very sad news of the passing of David Stevens, a well known and very well loved villager who ran Acol's shop and post office for many years with his wife Val.  They moved to Birchington upon their retirement but continued to attend and participate in many village events.  He will be sorely missed.


The Chairman responded to questions from Mr Burgess in respect of the co-option of Brian Hall and an approach from Mrs. Iris Bedwell, the reasons why details of councillors were not displayed on the Parish Web site and the purchase of a lap top computer for the Council and reminded Mr Burgess that he had been a member of the Council and present at the meeting in March 2007 when the decision to purchase had been made.

PC Paul Jane asked whether contact details for PC Askew and himself could be inserted in the Village Voice and Cllr Inchley confirmed that this would be done.


Art Group – The Chairman read the annual report of the Art Group to Council.

Acol W.I. – Iris Osbourne was now the secretary.

Acol Keep Fit – The Chairman reported that the Club was well supported.

Horticultural Society – Cllr Hall reported that the Society was well supported and had a successful year.


Cllr Charles Hibberd reported that Small Capital Grant funding was available to Acol and, as we had not claimed previously, we stood a good chance of getting up to £5,000.  He advised that a scheme be considered and an application submitted as soon as possible.