2008 March Minutes

 Present: Councillors Miss Sheila Bransfield (Chairman), J Inchley, Mrs. O’Reilly and Ms Rebecca Shingleton
Also Present: County Councillor C Hibberd, PC Kim Burgess and R Wade (Clerk to the Council)

43.      MINUTES
The minutes of the meetings held on 17 December 2007, as amended, and 15 January 2008 were approved and signed by the Chairman.
Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Mike Roberts.
No declarations of interest were disclosed.
Ms Chesher-Brazier had submitted her resignation following the January meeting and appropriate notices were displayed. No requests for an election have been received by the Electoral Registration Officer and a replacement Member may be co-opted.
The Chairman reported upon
A) Traffic Calming – Public Consultation meetings would be held on 12th and 18th March with China Gateway and the Chairman would attend both meetings, with regard to a potential by-pass, and report back.
B) Thanet Local Board – a meeting had taken place in Birchington to discuss traffic congestion in the Square and the problems in Acol and a further meeting would be held.
C) Village Sign – Cllr Mike Roberts had kindly agreed to use part of his allowance to fund this project; a quotation was being obtained and it was hoped that the sign would be repaired in about 4/5 weeks..
D) Delegated responsibilities – will be agreed among Councillors and reported at the next meeting.
E) Interactive traffic sign – Kent Highways have been notified again that the sign is not working correctly.
F) Collapsed drain, as previously referred to, has been repaired.
The Clerk reported it would be necessary to hold a Special Meeting in April to consider
(i) Co-option to the Council to fill the casuaul vacancy
(ii) The accounts for 2007/08; and
(iii) The possible adoption of standing orders.
The Chairman reported that a scheme had been submitted and that grant assistance would be received within the current year. The total costs were in the sum of £2581 but only £1000 is available at this time for replacement junior swings and some woodwork preservation. The new spring toy and remaining woodwork preservation would be undertaken later this year with a grant from a different fund. The Chairman also reported upon the need to draw up a new inspection rota.
Members enquired whether an application had been lodged in respect of the Cummin’s development and the Clerk to make enquiries.
In respect of commenting on planning applications Cllr Mrs. O’Reilly undertook to act as the planning spokesman on planning matters until the Annual meeting.   
RESOLVED: That the under-mentioned payments be made
Cheque No      Payee and details                   Amount
307                 Audit Commission                  141.00
308                 Quex Estates Rent for Rec       40.00
309                 TDC election costs                  45.34      
310                 R Wade Jan/Feb/March          465.88
                      Salary and expenses
311                 Ms Bransfield – expenses         47.00
312                 J Inchley – Village voice              9.75
51.      REPORTS
Cllr Hibberd reported upon
(i) Thanet Earth Project – Reported upon the traffic that would be generated by this proposal especially in Plumstone Road/Seamark Road and Monkton Roundabout and the need to provide a turning circle at an appropriate location to assist traffic movement.
The Council recorded its support for the initiative being undertaken by Cllr Hibberd.
(ii) Government Audit Commission – has reported that KCC has judged been as a four star authority.
(iii) KCC Budget – the budget has been adopted showing an increase of 3.9%.
(iv) Highway Re-organisation – KCC has restructured its highway functions and the divisional office for this area will be based in Sandwich.
(v) Schools admission – Cllr Hibberd reported that if Members were aware of any school admission problems they should be referred to him.
(vi) Review of County Schools – The County review of schools was being undertaken and to date village schools had performed well.
(vii) P.C. Burgess – reported that he had no current figures for Acol but gave details of incidents in Monkton and Manston.
a) Cllr Inchley – i) advised Members that the next meeting of the Manston Consultative Committee would be held on 1 April 2008 and that there were fewer night flights and that this meant that less funds would be available for public funded schemes.
b) Cllr Mrs O’Reilly – i) reported upon delivery problems with the Adscene and she would investigate; and
(ii) would represent the Parish Council at the Conservation Advisory Group.
The Chairman adjourned the meeting and received written questions from Mr Norris and the Clerk was asked to respond in writing to him.
Time concluded: 8.25pm