2007 July Minutes

Present: Councillors Miss Sheila Bransfield (Chairman), Miss Roxanne Chesher-Brazier, J Inchley, Mrs. O'Reilly and Ms Shingleton
Also Present: County Councillor C Hibberd and R Wade (Clerk to the Council)
12.      MINUTES
The minutes of the meeting held on 15 May 2007 were approved and signed by the Chairman.
No apologies for absence were submitted.
No declarations of interest were made.
The Chairman reported that the Kent County Council were now saying that they had given no commitment for the undertaking of traffic calming measures within the Village because funding was not available. Members were further advised that CPRE had been made aware of the KCC attitude and had expressed concern but were not able to advise on the way forward.
Councillor Hibberd reported that many parish councils were in the same position and he confirmed that assurances had been given at the public meeting that funding would be made available to allow the scheme to proceed in the current year. He also expressed the view that traffic calming would not be sufficient to solve the problems of HGV vehicles driving through the Village or of speeding cars.
There followed a general discussion on the need to introduce weight restriction orders, the imposition of a 20 m.p.h. restriction through the Village, a one way traffic system in Acol and the assistance of the police in enforcing the blue advisory signs.
It was agreed that in the first instance that Councillor Hibberd would refer the concerns to KCC Cabinet Member for Highways and the officers and that further consideration be then given to these issues.
The Chairman reported that she had met with Chris Tull (TDC) and a representative from Park Leisure to discuss the worsening condition of the equipment in the children's playground. Quotations in the sum of £3250 had been received and this was far in excess of what the Parish Council could afford. There was also a need to treat the timber surrounds and the cradle swings need replacing. Another quote is awaited.
Councillor Hibberd said that funding up to £1000 may be available through Louise Bolton at KCC and it was agreed that an application be made and that a copy of it be sent to Cllr Hibberd.
The Clerk reported upon a meeting of the Playground Initiative that he had attended but that it seemed unlikely that the play scheme for the villages would be able to come to Acol as the recreation ground did not have a pavilion.
(a) The street light outside of the Manor had now been repaired.
(b) Had spoken to Paul Twyman Chairman of the Manston Consultative Committee who had confirmed fines were not being served properly.
(c) The Chairman highlighted that there was about a dozen properties within the parish boundaries on the outskirts of the Village and that measures should be taken to bring them into the community of Acol.
RESOLVED: That the Village Voice be sent to all residents of Acol and that the Council pay for printing of the next edition and the postage to send out the publication.
(d) Hedges in Plumstone Road need cutting back and the Clerk to write to John Foster to seek his agreement to these works.
RESOLVED: that (A)the action of the Chairman and Vice Chairman in authorising the payment of the under-mentioned accounts be ratified.
Cheque No:
295 Grassmaster – grass cutting at the Rec      £300.00
296 KAPC training day                              £ 64.62
297 KAPC Renewal of Annual Subscription            £134.83
298 Thanet Rural Forum – subscription               £ 10.00
(B) that the Chairman be authorised to make payment on any accounts submitted subject to provision for such payments has been included within the Council's approved budget.
(a) The Local Government Report on providing a mechanism for closer working relationships with District Councils has been accepted in principle.
(b) A "telly" and home computer health initiative is being introduced to allow the health of patients to be monitored from their homes; and
(c) The Local Government and Health Act is now enacted and the KCC will now be responsible for monitoring the Health Sevice and the Act also sets out to replace regional assemblies with regional boards.
It was agreed that the next meetings would be held on 15 October and 17 December 2007.