2006 December Minutes


Present: Councillors Miss Bransfield (Chairman); A Burgess, Miss Chesher-Brazier and Mrs E O'Reilly.

Also Present: Roy Wade (Clerk to the Council)



The Minutes of the meeting held on 25 September 2006 were approved and signed by the Chairman.



Apologies for lateness were submitted on behalf of Councillor Miss Roxanne Chesher-Brazier.



None were made.



The Chairman reported upon the tragic and sad death of Councillor Nick Lord and that she had attended the funeral and sent flowers on behalf of the Parish Council and community of Acol.


The Clerk reported that he had advised the Thanet District Council of the circumstances and he would advise Council on the steps to be taken to co-opt a Member to the Council..



The Clerk submitted a draft budget for the year 2007/8 and sought members' views thereon. In respect of the restoration of the Village sign the Chairman reported that Councillor Mike Roberts had offered funding of £250 towards this project and David Hayfield would prepare the necessary drawings.


The Chairman reported that in respect of the budget head for the replacement of the Village Hall windows that Cllr Hibberd would make available £1,500 to match the funding allocated by the Parish.


RESOLVED: that the Budget for 2007/8, as amended by Council and attached at Appendix A, be approved and referred to the Thanet District Council and a precept of £4,000 be sought.



Councillor Hibberd was not present to submit a report.



The Chairman reported upon:

1) a letter from the Lord Lieutenant inviting Members to a service in Maidstone on 20 March 2007. The Clerk to advise the Lord Lieutenant that unfortunately no Member is able to attend.

2) The Chairman had received a selection of leaflets from KCC setting out those services it undertakes.



The Chairman reported that she had attended a meeting with KCC and CPRE in Canterbury and that approval in principle had been obtained to undertake the traffic calming measures in Acol and that funding would be included in the 2007/8 budgets. The Chairman reported further on the land that would be required to provide the gateways into the Village and on the need to discuss these issues with the appropriate land owners.


There followed a general discussion on the abuses of speed limits within the Village and it was agreed to submit to the County Council the figures gathered from the Speedwatch initiative and request that KCC hold a site visit in Acol during January 2007 to receive the views and comments of the Council and community of Acol.



a) Messrs Cummins – The Chairman reported that she had spoken to the Company who had confirmed that the noise was not the result of any modifications they had made to their machiney and was probably being caused by the atmospheric conditions

b) Westwood Cross – Proposed Development – Councillor Chesher- Brazier reported the planning application would be determined by the Government Office for the South East (GOSE) in consultation with the appropriate Secretary of State. Roxanne thanked Councillors for their support in the campaign and the preparation of the petition which was submitted to Downing Street.

c) Old Forge – the Chairman reported that the development had almost been completed and has received confirmation that the seat fronting the development belongs to W.S. Cole (Builders and Funeral Directors) and that they intend that it shall stay in situ.

d) Sparrow Castle – Councillor Miss Chesher-Brazier had spoken to an officer to seek an explanation as to why 50% of the application form had not been completed. The District Council had now received a fully completed form and the B1 use class (light industrial use) had been deleted from the planning application.




The Chairman adjourned the meeting to receive questions from Members of the Public.


W.Yeoman reported that he was pleased that the fence in Plumstone Road had been cut back and enquired whether the hedges near to Hawk's Barn and outside the Manor could be cut back. The Clerk was asked to write to the owners accordingly. Mr Yeaoman also made reference to the factory lights and the Chairman reported upon the situation.


The Chairman reported that the bus stop clearway scheme had been advertised in the Press and on its implications for Acol.





The Chairman reported that the fence had been repaired but that she had been advised that it would need to be replaced in the near future. However the chestnut fence had been broken in two places and she would ask Fred Fright to repair it. The fir trees had been damaged and were in need of being lopped. Sheila reported that she had gloves and a litter picker and that would allow for the litter bin to be emptied and that the driveway needed attention and subject to the owner of 4 Crispe road giving consent she would ask Fred Fright to attend to this matter. The Chairman reported that KCC had now confirmed that they owned road side verge and that it was cut twice a year.

Finally the Chairman reported upon discussions with Chris Tull (TDC) who had said that he was able to provide the wood to repair the boxes and that would then allow then to be refilled with bark. 



The chairman reported that Paul Twyman had been appointed Chairman but that the question of parish representation had still not been resolved.



Resolved: that the under mentioned payments be made

Cheque no Payee and details Amount

274 B.M.Card 80.00

275 T.D.C. 52.88

276 RWade Salary & expenses 328.84

277 H.A.S. 45.82

278 Miss Bransfield 140.96



Consideration to be given to this matter at the next meeting.



The Chairman reported that

1) the interactive (30mph) road sign had now been realigned and Council adopted the suggestion from Cllr Burgess that it should be calibrated to 30mph with no leeway.

2) the phone box was operating normally.

3) Thanet Matters was now being delivered and included within "Village Voice". Cllr Mrs O'Reilly reported that TDC had again posted the publication nd the Chairman undertook to express her concern to TDC.

4) A response had been received in respect of representations made regarding the payment of domestic rates/local tax and would be referred to TDC.

5) Number plate recognition cameras were being dealt with by the Thanet Safety Community Partnership in consultation with KCC.

Mrs O'Reilly had been asked by Mrs Doris Micklewright whether a street light could be provided outside Little Pumpkins in Plumstone Road and the Chairman indicated that she would refer this matter to KCC.

Miss Chesher-Brazier: Adscene had now advised that budget constraints had meant that deliveries could not take place in Acol, however because of delivery problems in another area the Company had said that deliveries would begin in January 2007.

In respect of Thanet Extra negotiations were still taking place and a further report would be made.


It was agreed that the next meeting would be held on 5 February 2007.

 Time concluded: 9.30pm